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Westmoore’s Isabella Little Heating up the Pool – Presented by Christian Brothers Automotive

“Isabella is a returning state qualifier that we expect great things from this year, and she always delivers,” said coach Scott Teel.

Sophomore swimmer, Isabella Little is loves being in the water, but we talked her into taking a break from practice to answer three quick questions so we can get to know who this swimmer is on dry land.

VYPE: Isabella, what do you love most about your team and teammates? 

Little: They always make meets very exciting and they’re just lots of fun to be around.

VYPE: What is your favorite subject in school and who is your favorite teacher? 

Little: Favorite subject would probably be English and my favorite teacher I think is Mrs. Anderson, from last year.

VYPE: Who has been a big influence in your life? Explain

Little: My cousin, Cameron because he is very dedicated to his sport and worked really hard and now he plays football for the University of Arkansas and he never really let anything prevent him from getting places.  

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