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Q&A with Westmoore girls basketball coach Kierra Lang — Presented by RibCrib

VYPE: Congratulations on the start of your career as Westmoore’s head coach! What were your thoughts when you stepped on the floor to coach that first game?

Kierra Lang: I’m excited to go to war with this group of girls. My thoughts were I really hope that all the work we did in the preseason is translated on the court so we can handle business how

I know they are capable of!

VYPE: Do you also teach? If so, what subject(s)?

KL: I am an English ll teacher!

VYPE: What (or who) inspired you to become a coach?

KL: Basketball has been in the family for generations. I watched my father (Shannon Lang) coach and make a major impact on other kids’ lives and the community. He created an environment for his kids that was unmatched. As a kid, I saw it to be a superpower of his. Success is nice but to see the kids grow up and be something from his guidance and coaching. I thought to myself, I want the same thing for myself. I was inspired and believed that coaching was my purpose that God set for me through him.

VYPE: What type of team can we expect to see on the court this year?

KL: You will see a strong defensive minded team that knows how to move without the ball

and play together. We have a lot of weapons on our team that are stronger together than individually.

VYPE: This year will be a success if ____?

KL: We play as a team and learn that the little things add up! Hustle and heart don’t take talent, it’s a choice! Once we consistently bring that to every game, every quarter, together as a team, we will be successful no matter who our opponents are.

VYPE: Talk about your staff this year. What type of experience do your coaches bring to the table?

KL: John Powell has coached basketball for 10+ years, with college basketball experience at Carl Albert State College. As well as Tangie Dorsey, she spent her college basketball career at University of Missouri Kansas City and Southwestern Oklahoma. She has been coaching in the school system for 5+ years. This will be Hannah Swift’s first year of coaching with an exercise science degree from Randall University, and a strong passion for coaching!

VYPE: They say great coaches learn just as much as they teach. What have you learned from your players?

KL: I learned from my players, that if you give them love, support, and accountability as their coach CONSISTENTLY. They can meet or exceed any expectations that’s put in front of them.

VYPE: Which current player has come along the farthest this offseason?

KL: Well, there’s a couple, it’s hard to narrow it down to one. I would say Nikki Langhans and Trinity Humphrey have come a long way. From attitude, work ethic, and leadership.

VYPE: Which of your players has the best shoe game?

KL: Blythe Crawley and Nikki Langhans have the best shoe game on the team. So much so, they try to dress me all the time because my shoe game is lacking to this generation.

VYPE: What’s it going to take for the Westmoore Jaguars to compete for a state title this March?

KL: Be one team is the key. Lady Jags vs Everybody!

VYPE: What’s your best advice to young coaches?

KL: Have patience with the kids and parents. Trust the work you put in and don’t allow others’ opinions to discourage you, everybody will always have their own opinion. Yours is the only one that matters.

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