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Westmoore’s Hannah Raney – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Ritzy Gypsy

By Derrick Smith

Throughout an athlete’s career, there can be bumps and setbacks along the way. For some, they are career-ending, while others are lucky enough to be able to put the work in and make a recovery. 

Hannah Raney is a junior and member of the tennis team at Westmoore High School. She suffered an injury last season but has fought back and is ready to get back to playing the game she loves. 

“Last year, I broke my knee and was out the entire season,” she said. “This year I am thankful to be back and fully recovered. It takes a lot to be your best, even if you do not have to deal with an injury. You have to practice a lot. And even just going out and hitting for an hour practicing serving helps your game a ton.”

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Whenever she is out on the court, Raney knows that she always has people in her corner cheering her on and they have definitely helped her along the way.

“My coaches do a great job of motivating me to be my best,” she said. “And my family is there to support me during my matches.”

Tennis is a big part of Hannah’s life, so it is no surprise that one of her biggest role models is professional tennis player, Coco Gauff.

“She is not much older than I am,” she stated. “I love her dedication and her perseverance when playing in her matches.”

Westmoore girls’ tennis coach Randy Painton says that not having Hannah last season was tough, but he is glad to get her back and ready to go this season.

“She missed last season due to her injury,” Painton said. “She is now healthy and ready to compete at number one singles.”

While Raney loves to play tennis, another aspect she enjoys is the relationships she has built over the years. 

“I love getting to experience playing and meeting new people,” she said. “It makes the games more fun meeting people along the way.”

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