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Westmoore’s Makayla Jackson Named VYPE Unsung Hero – Presented by Eskridge Honda

Westmoore girls basketball player Makayla Jackson has been named an unsung hero for the 2021-22 season.

“She will be a huge part of our success this season, plays extremely hard!” – Girls Basketball Head Coach Matt Thornton 

VYPE: What does your team and teammates mean to you? 
: My team and teammates are like family to me. They give me the strength and motivation to be the best that I can be in order to be a better player every day.

VYPE: What does it mean to be the unsung hero of the team? How do you define that term?
: I feel what being an unsung hero of the team means to me is that I build chemistry with my teammates. We have a bond that makes us better. An unsung hero does good things to help others and may not get rewarded or recognized for the good that they do. But they are also not expecting recognition because they are doing things out of the goodness of their hearts. I know that my name may not always be called, but I strongly feel that I am valued, and with the help of my team and coaches, I can accomplish anything. 

VYPE: What grade are you in, and what are your plans after you graduate?
: I am currently a senior. I plan to play college basketball after I graduate high school. I plan to continue my education and become a physical therapist. I have a passion for helping others and would like to continue doing that.

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