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Westmoore Senior Spotlight Zane Chavez – Presented by Christian Brothers Automotive

Hard work is a key to being successful in any field someone goes into. Athletics is no different and Zane Chavez says that while the work is important, it is not the only thing.

“Aside from hard work and dedication, there are other things you have to do,” Chavez said. “Things like keeping a levelheaded mindset no matter what the situation is has helped me a lot.”

Chavez is a senior at Westmoore High School where he is a multi-sport athlete. He plays tight end on the gridiron and on the baseball diamond he plays at the corner infield. He knows both sports very well as he started playing both when he was four years old.

There have been numerous people that have been a part of Zane’s life and helped him become the person and the athlete that he is today. And while he is thankful for each and every one of them, he says that there are a couple of people that have been huge in his growth and development.

“My biggest role models are my parents,” he said. “They always support me in everything I do. They also push me every day to not only be my best on the field, but to also be my best as a person, character wise. I have no doubt that I would not be the person I am today without both of them.”

Being a student in the classroom, Chavez has been taught by a number of different teachers. And out of all of the teachers he has had, he says that it is too difficult to pick one favorite.

“I honestly love all my teachers,” he said. “I’ve been blessed enough to have a great group of teachers who teach me a lot of life lessons.”

Chavez says that while he enjoys playing his sports, the bonds and friendships are things that he appreciates the most.

“The highlight moments of my career are all the relationships and memories created as a whole. Small things like that are very valuable to me.”

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