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Westmoore’s Mom of the Month – Erin Shanahan – Presented by Huntington Fine Jewelers

Erin Shanahan and her family have lived in the Moore School District for almost six years and love what the school and community has to offer. Shanahan said that the community is amazing and a great place for kids, families, and provides many fun opportunities and a positive environment where young people can thrive. Erin and her husband Kyle have two girls, Kylah and Kelsie Daniel and a niece Emma Daniel, who are currently attending Westmoore High School and play on the fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball teams.

“They all take after our other niece Neveah Daniel who also played softball and graduated from Westmoore,” Shanahan said.

Over the years Shanahan has been very involved with the Westmoore softball program and runs the Westmoore softball Booster Club year-round and also assists with numerous other volunteering efforts within the community.

“Softball Boosters do several fundraisers a year that benefit fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball,” Shanahan said. “We sell sponsorships. A company donates a certain amount and we put their logo on a banner that hangs on our outfield fence, we sell World’s Finest Chocolate Bars, Blue & Gold, send emails, text and call for donations, and host a tournament at the beginning of each season.”

Shanahan is proud of the work that she and other parents put into the program and all the support that they show toward the student-athletes. She encourages other parents to join in as well.

“My message to other parents wanting to get involved is jump right in! There is always something that needs to be done for every sport. It is so important to be involved in your kids’ school and in their lives,” Shanahan said. “I’m so grateful to have some of the best in our club helping me stay on track and helping get donations.”

Shanahan wants it to be known that every little bit helps and their efforts are very much appreciated by the players, coaches, and school. Even tasks like making sure athletes and coaches are fed, having plenty of water, Gatorade, snacks, and equipment can make all the difference in the world. Shanahan encourages every parent to help out if they can.

“A wise person once told me ‘Your team is only as good as your Booster’ and it’s stuck with me. Running the softball booster club is like having a part time job,” Shanahan said. “But it’s not a popularity contest. It’s not if your kid plays every game you don’t have to volunteer. It’s a group effort and each person should volunteer.”

Keeping up with softball is a year-round experience for Shanahan and her family, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Both of our girls also play travel softball,” Shanahan said. “So for fun we go to practice, to out of town tournaments, and lessons.”

Shanahan’s girls have even followed in her own footsteps and volunteer in their own free time with a local pitching instructor. Outside of softball they all find time to enjoy the little things like having family dinners together, spending a relaxing night at home watching a movie, or going for a night out on the town. 

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